Depalletizer Type DP 80 for rigid packaging / cardboard packaging

The depalletizer Type DP 80 is designed to pick cartons or rigidly packaged products/containers. The data provided for each layer pattern is checked and verified by special sensors to ensure picking in the right position. Additional camera-systems can be used, if necessary. Removal is supported by an outfeed conveyor either in working height of approx. 900mm or passage height of approx. 2200mm. By using a 6-axis-robot, the gripper can be swung around, thus changing the alignment of the carton/product in the tray. To ensure a continuous flow and/or shelving of removed interlayers, it is possible to have several pallet racks. The type of pallet corresponds to the standard version of the Euro pallet.

Areas of application

  • In the food, non-food and pharma branches
  • As a compact single cell to complete partially automated island solutions.
  • Central-depalletizing with the operation of several pallet racks and outgoing lines.
  • Repalletizing in logistics centers.
  • Inhouse product transport to close interrupted product chains in relation to upstream palletizing at the previous line components.


  • Compact design
  • Self-explanatory operation
  • Optimal view of the process workflow
  • Execution according to branch-specific requirements for food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • Rapid and simple change of format through settings with position displays 


  • Quick-change systems for format change
  • Camera systems whenever the application requires it
  • Multi-lane off-loading
  • Equipment with camera- and gripping-equipment for Bin Picking-applications
  • Additional pallet rack for the shelving of interlayers
  • Redundant pallet racks to avoid production stops during the change of pallets
  • Equipment with pallet magazine
  • Adding other pallet types such as the industrial pallet, chemical pallet, one-way pallet, …

Performance / Techn. Data

  • Up to 15 cycles / min.
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Load capacity incl. gripper, as a rule up to 20 kg.Alternatively, an extension is possible
  • Working area: As a rule, up to 1,700  mm, a possible extension is optional
  • Cell size of a pallet position i: w x d x h ca. 1800 x 2200 x 3350 mm
  • Automatic control of the layer pattern
  • Equipment with single- or multiple gripping systems
  • Carton- / Product picking from the top or from the side
  • Branch-specific and individually coordinated gripping systems
  • Removal in working height or passage height