Handling is mainly utilized to automate individual processes in the analysis or production. When high throughput rates, while maintaining consistent quality, are to be effectively realized, this automation variant offers an economical solution. 


Areas of application

  • Labs with complex, chain production or analysis processes


  • Pipetting – fully electronical in the µl area
  • Feeding of centrifuges
  • Weighing operations in the microgram area
  • Labeling. Application of marking labels dispensed by the printer



  • Multifunctional tools or grippers
  • Direction of movement in up to 3 axes or more via 6-axis robots
  • Use of operation of a lab device


  • Protection of human resources 
  • Minimize hazards or overloading for your employees 
  • Effective and mostly economical automation solution
  • Simply commissioning and operation
  • High occupancy rates up to 24 hours per day