High-Speed robot cell Type VR for Primary and secondary packaging

The robot cell VR is designed for the packaging of unpacked and primary packaged products incl handling cardboard packaging. Flat instant bottom boxes are taken from a magazine, erected, provided for loading and finally handed over to the outfeed conveyor. Pre-positioned products are infed individually or in collected form and placed in the boxes. Optionally, the boxes can be closed with an attached cover, separate cover or slipcase. Through the use of a 6-axis-robot that assumes all tasks, a very compact and space-saving design occurs. The products are infed with the help of a belt conveyor and, depending on the application, singly positioned or collected in a compartment belt. To increase performance, product loading can be decoupled from carton erection through the use of a second robot.

Areas of application

  • In the food, non-food and pharma branches
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Operation as a stand-alone-system to implement a complete packaging process
  • Use at the end of a production line as the replacement for manual packaging
  • in the area of sorting and line distribution


  • Compact design with one robot for all functions
  • Self-explanatory operation for a simple production start
  • Optimal view of the process workflow
  • Execution according to branch-specific requirements for food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and medicine in the secondary packaging area
  • Rapid and simple change of format through the use of interchangeable parts


  • Box closing with an attached cover, separate cover or slipcase
  • Flap closure by adhesive tape or hot glue instead instant bottom
  • Quick-change systems for format change or cleaning
  • Change of format through spindles and position displays
  • Design according to branch-specific requirements for primary packaging area
  • Camera systems whenever the application requires it

Performance / Techn. Data

  • Up to 10 boxes / min. with 1 robot
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Load capacity incl. gripper, as a rule up to 10 kg. per robot. Alternatively, an extension is possible
  • Working area: As a rule, up to 1,000 mm per robot. Alternatively, an extension is possible
  • Erection of instant bottom boxes
  • Single or multi-row picking and placing
  • Product picking from the top or from the side
  • Branch-specific and individually coordinated gripping systems
  • Gripping systems for picking of products pre-positioned in groups