High-Speed robot cell Type HSR for Primary and secondary packaging

The HSR robot cell is designed for sorting and packaging unpacked and primary packaged products. In series, grouped or chaotic incoming products are detected by a camera system and passed to the following handling zones via a conveyor belt. Based on its design and contrast-forming surface, the conveyor belt enables the highest precision to be achieved throughout the entire cell. The boxes / carriers are transported by a carrier belt which moves continuously or intermittently depending on the application. 

Each handling zone is allocated to a robot that picks up the respective products by gripping or suction technology and inserts them into the boxes / carriers according to predefined patterns. 

One cell can be equipped with up to 10 robots of the Type Delta-Picker in one or two rows, depending on the application.

Areas of application

  • In the food, non-food and pharma branches
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Operation as a stand-alone-system to place products directly into the packaging unit, for example boxes, covering boxes, blisters, etc.
  • Operation as a line component for feeding
    • the carrier belt of a tubular bag machine
    • the cassette infeed system of a cartoner
    • the tray of a forming machine
    • the infeed conveyor of other packaging machines
  • Duties in the area of sorting and line distribution


  • Compact design in the welded frame
  • Self-explanatory operation for a simple production start
  • Optimal view of the process workflow
  • Execution according to branch-specific requirements for food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and medicine in the secondary packaging area.
  • Rapid and simple change of format through settings with position displays


  • Quick-change systems for format change or cleaning
  • Design according to branch-specific requirements for primary packaging area
  • Additional camera systems whenever the application requires it
  • Additional product and box transport belts
  • Additional storage as product memory
  • Multivariety incoming products grouped in monovarieties
  • Creation of mixed packages

Performance / Techn. Data

  • Up to 150 picks / min. per robot
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Load capacity: up to 3 kg per robot
  • Workspace: horizontal up to 1,300 mm / vertical up to 500 mm deep
  • Single entity and group picks possible
  • High position accuracy in the case of belt speeds of up to 60 m / min.
  • Branch-specific and individually coordinated gripping systems
  • Coordinated camera systems and lighting