As a special purpose machine manufacturer with a focus on mechanics, we would be delighted to work out an automation concept for your application. Contact us with your specifications and you will receive an overall solution customized to your requested quality, your cycle time, your environmental conditions and your interfaces to downstream machines.

We are especially experienced in the areas of plastics and the metal industry, pharmaceuticals or medical technology as well as in the food and cosmetic industry.

Your machine concept for your overall solution

Parts provision

  • Flexible feed units / Spiral conveyor

Materials handling

  • Work piece carrier systems
  • Roller conveyors 
  • Wide center conveyors 
  • Toothed belts
  • PUK-systems


  • Fill level-Inspection
  • Belt scales
  • Vision-systems
  • Leak test devices

Handling technology and Assembly

  • Pick & Place
  • Linear technology
  • Robotics

Further applications

  • Labeling
  • Labelling