Plant Networks

Areas of application

  • Labs with complex, chain production or analysis processes


  • Pipetting – fully electronical in the µl area
  • Centrifuging with various vessels
  • Filtering through a valve controlled vacuum system
  • Weighing in the µg area
  • Shaking on in-house developed platforms
  • Stirring in multiplexed units
  • Labelling vessels
  • Scanning barcodes and data matrix code
  • Disinfection locks between the units
  • Washing and drying of vessels
  • Warehouse logistics in air-conditioned rooms


  • 15-axis dual arm robot
  • 6-axis robots, rail-guided, movable
  • Camera inspections and identifications
  • Air-conditioned and cleanrooms
  • Conveyor and transport belts
  • Warehouse logistics concepts
  • Networks with data management and batch tracking


  • High reliability while maintaining consistent quality 
  • Avoid overworking people
  • Complex automation solutions possible
  • Time-sensitive applications implementable in 24 hours a day
  • Effective and economic systems