Robot cell

Turn-Key robot cells as complete installations are individually customized to your environment and to the requirements of your laboratory. (Option: cleanroom Certification according to ISO 14644-1). The content of the cell can be universally designed, so that a number of proesses and tasks can be mapped. The operation and the formulation are made easy through the operating unit directly on the system. Thus the time for conversions are correspondingly short. The operating and programming philosophy also allows - later extensions and the addition of new process workflows. 

Areas of application

  • Several, more complex single processes and work steps.
  • Various, cyclically repeated orders, for which individual handling is not worthwhile
  • Varying piece numbers


  • Pipetting – fully electronical in the µl area
  • Centrifuging with various vessels
  • The operation of heating or cooling systems and incubators.
  • For the operation of shaking and mixing devices
  • To open, fill, empty and close vessels
  • Labeling
  • Scanning barcodes and data matrix code


  • Multifunctional tools and grippers 
  • Standard lab equipment
  • Camera inspections and identifications
  • Cleanroom equipment possible
  • Operation via touch panel 
  • Formulation specifications through LabVIEW and PC interfaces


  • The use of existing lab equipment and facilities
  • Flexible devices for analysis or production
  • Variable use for the most diverse processes can be realized
  • Restructuring and adaption for new processes are possible at any time
  • Effective use throughout the entire life cycle is possible