Storage system Type LS for small warehouses

The storage system Type LS-VI-10-600 is designed for commissioning of products up to 36000 storage areas. In conjunction with individual coding, scan-sensors and database, the full use of all storage areas is guaranteed at all times with an ongoing process of entry and exit. Products are entered or taken out from the respective drawers by using a 6-axis-robot on an x / y - carriageway. The products are infed and/or outfed through one or more conveyor systems. In designing the storage system Type LS, the size of the storage space must be defined, resulting in the number of storage areas per drawer/cupboard.

Areas of application

  • Commissioning tasks for small volume products
  • Interim storage as part of the process, in individual environmental conditions, e.g. in cooling / cleanrooms
  • storage of individually coded products


  • Compact design with drawer-cupboard-system
  • Drawer suspension ball-mounted with heavy duty telescopic drawers.
  • 6-axis robot auf x / y - Carriageway for product handling and opening / closing the drawers
  • Execution according to branch-specific requirements for pharmaceuticals and medicine


  • Rapid change systems for change of gripper if this is absolutely necessary for the product
  • Camera systems whenever the application requires it
  • Multi-lane off-loading and loading
  • Expanding the warehouse storage

Performance / Techn. Data

  • Performance: up to 300 storages or removals/hour
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Load capacity incl. gripper, as a rule up to 5 kg. Alternatively, an extension is possible
  • Storage capacity: up to 600 storage bins per drawer / up to 10 drawers pr cupboard, depending on the expected product sizes
  • Alternatively, an extension is possible
  • Product picking and placing from the top
  • Product handling with special gripping technology
  • Coding QR-, Bar- or RFID-Code
  • Scan facilities to scan and verify
  • Database for commissioning
  • Operation in the cooling area / cleanroom