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  • Automation for packaging technology & laboratory automation

    At Goldfuß, the two business segments packaging technology and laboratory automation are our main focus. The product portfolio ranges from simple robot handling to complex large-scale plants with various linked process steps.

  • The experts in the field of
    engineering & plant construction

    The Goldfuß Team fulfils customer specific requirements for your solutions in automation. Our  range of services comprises all processes from concept formulation to project completion, including the machine acceptance at site. On your requirement, we also offer validation and support during the start of serial production and production phase.

  • Die Experten im Bereich Engineering & Anlagenbau

    Das Goldfuß Team erfüllt die kundenspezifischen Anforderungen für Ihre Automatisierungslösung. So beinhaltet unser Leistungsspektrum sämtliche Prozesse, von der Konzeptausarbeitung bis zum Projektabschluss mit Maschinenabnahme vor Ort. Auf Wunsch bieten wir auch die Validierung sowie Unterstützung beim Serienanlauf und der Produktionsbetreuung.
  • Automatisierungs-
    lösungen für Verpackungs­technik & Labor­automation

    Das Thema Verpackung steht in Verbindung mit sämtlichen Handelswaren, übergreifend über nahezu alle Branchen. Automatisierung ist in der Verpackungswelt nicht mehr wegzudenken, wobei sich der Schwerpunkt mehr und mehr gewandelt hat.

    Our life is technology.

    “Our life is technology.“ This sentence clearly describes our activities and our feelings: precision and reliability combined to our will to do everything for our customers characterizes our desire to work. Personal care and responsibility accelerate the project communication and increase efficiency because “our life is technology.“

    Brief summary of the project supported by the European Union and the State of Baden Württemberg EFRE (European Fund for Regional Development): Goldfuß Engineering GmbH develops and produces robot-supported feeding systems for packaging machines and user solutions for laboratory automation. Due to the complete automation of manual processes, resource-friendly solutions and a high grade of efficiency can be reached at the same time. The fund supports the construction of production buildings with integrated test and pre-development departments.

    Products of the Goldfuß Engineering GmbH

    In the field of packaging technology, robots become increasingly important. All through the packaging chain, starting with the primary to the secondary and final packaging up to palletizing and storage, robot systems are employed.

    Besides growing production figures, ergonomic and hygienic requirements – especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry – cause a continuously increasing grade of automation.

    The following machine portfolio provides a full function package in the field of handling from accepting raw unpacked products to appropriate transport palletizing.

    Packaging systems, feeding systems, complete systems, bio burden analytics, cell cultivation, sample preparation, spray technology for plants, handling of plants and seeds, logistics and storage

    Bio burden Analytics

    Cell cultivation

    Sample preparation and dosage

    Plant-spraying technologies

    Plants and seeds handling

    Logistics and storage


    Development and test department with 3D CAD constructors and software programmers.

    About the services

    A big assembly hall for projects each from packaging technology and laboratory automation. Construction, programming and set-up of plants in modern industrial buildings.


    Customer-specific solutions require intensive consultation with customers for the joint development of adequate automation.

    Assembly & Service

    Solutions from one provider during the entire life cycle of a customer`s plant


    To fulfil hygienic standards and legal regulations, e.g. in aseptic bottling, a reliable technology is mandatory.

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Exactness, safety, product protection and product design have utmost priority where pharmaceutical packages are concerned.


    Durability, dosage or resistance are of great importance for the food and the packaging machine producers.

    Personal care products

    The range of cosmetic products on the market is huge. The products are just as different as their packaging.

    Agricultural science

    Not only size and design play an important role in producing packaging for the agricultural science industry.

    We put great emphasis on SERVICE.


    Contact for questions concerning service and malfunctions via phone or email.

    Maintenance contracts

    Maintenance packages and contracts for automation plants.

    Maintenance and repair

    Inspections, maintenance and modernization works at plants.


    Execution of customer trainings.

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