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Bio burden analytics

Goldfuß offers fully automated complete systems for germ load monitoring in the production and QC process.

From warehouse logistics for laboratory goods and sample containers to filtration and incubation up to the detection of colonies, the entire workflow is automated with robots.

The plants are structured in modules and the throughput figures can be scaled on demand.

Interconnection of LIMS systems and management programs to the data management of the plants. 

  • Analytics for product and water sample bioburden-analyses and evaluations

    • module for input and output with disinfection lock
    • storage module for laboratory goods and media
    • incubators from 0°C to 70°C
    • daily control of plates in regard of growth
    • clean room atmosphere under laminar flow with filtration technology
    • disinfection of containers
    • H2O2 and UV-C disinfection of the inner space
    • data management with LIMS systems
    • documentation, plant and process validation according to GMP/GAMP regulations
    • up to 200 filtrations in 24h
    • incubators from 600 agar plates on
    • cooling cabinet capacity from 65 samples on
    • sample containers up to 1000 ml
    • modular robust construction with even aluminium profiles
    • genuine glass or plastic glazing
    • high quality industry standard
    • scalable capacity and throughput figures

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