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Sample preparation and dosage

Automation from small to high throughput figures in desktop devices or robot cells.

Magazine containers and samples, opening and closing of containers, dispensing of solids and fluids with different viscosities even in the range of minimum quantities.

Processing samples by mixing, shaking, centrifugation, heating or cooling. Liquid handling with pipettes and many different pump systems.

    • Production of buffers, eluents and formulations, sample preparation and sample processing, weighing processes
    • Liquid and solid material handling
    • Pipetting automats
    • Filling lines
    • module for input and output
    • storage module for lab goods and media
    • fluid dosing from μl to litre
    • solid material dosing – also coarse-grained and hygroscopically agglutinated
    • grinding of tablets
    • opening, closing and labelling
    • clean room atmosphere under laminar flow
    • air conditioning of robot cells
    • H2O2 and UV-C disinfection of inner space
    • data management with LIMS systems
    • documentation, plant and process validation according to GMP/GAMP regulations
    • containers from 1.5 ml to 3 litres
    • dosage volumes from μg and μl on
    • scalable capacity and throughput figures
    • modular robust construction with even aluminilum profiles
    • genuine glass or plastic glazing
    • high quality industry standard

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