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Plants and seeds handling

Seeds development for the agricultural sector requires the handling of partly single seed grains. In this case, the separation of these seeds and their defined transfer into corrugated sheets stand in the foreground.

Also the addition of soil, sand and fluid media is automated in plants according to requirement.

A further field is the removal and processing of plant samples and the handling of beneficials and pests. In detail, this could be the removal of leaf segments and the individual addition of living organisms for sample preparation.

    • Development of seeds for plant breeding
    • Agrochemical development
    • Plants research
    • Research in pest control
    • inlet and outlet units for laboratory goods
    • storage of seeds, soil and sand
    • seed separation or grouping
    • transfer of single seeds
    • extraction of samples (leaf punching)
    • transfer of living organisms
    • control and selection with industry camera technology
    • filling processes into plates and containers
    • fluid dosing from μl to ml
    • labelling of laboratory goods
    • ionization units
    • data management with LIMS systems
    • filling or transfer in titer or microtater plates
    • customer-specific capacities and throughput figures
    • modular robust construction with even aluminium profiles
    • genuine glass or plastic glazing
    • high quality industry standard
    • construction of single modules for normal door dimensions possible

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