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Packaging technology

Packaging technology

The topic of packaging is connected to all commercial goods, spreading in nearly all industries. Automation is indispensable in the world of packaging today – whereby the focus has changed over the time. While originally the focus was on the automatic processing of packaging itself, e.g. erecting/closing boxes and forming/sealing trays and bags, the further development concentrated on the feeding of products.
Besides steadily growing production figures, ergonomic and hygienic requirements caused a continuously increasing grade of automation, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry. What was still a vision some years ago – the request for unattended production – grew, but it also became increasingly realistic. Driverless transport systems in the field of internal transport of pallets have already established on the market. Additionally, there is automated feeding of magazines or bunkers including the disposal of the applicable packing material. 

Packaging systems

The world of packaging ranges from primary to secondary and tertiary packaging up to palletizing – with additional sideshows.

Goldfuß can be found in nearly all steps of packaging, beginning with the handover of the product upstream the process technology

Feeding systems

The automation level has made great progress within the last decades, but generally it ends at a point where a manual process still seems to be natural.

Due to our long years experience with steady development, Goldfuß has already been able to reach a high grade of standardization with partly patented functions.

Complete plants

By linking Goldfuß systems to integrated machines of third parties, it is possible to deliver plants that represent all packaging processes in their entirety.

For this purpose, serial products that do already exist on the market are bought additionally, and they are integrated in the machine as general contractors.

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