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Complete plants

By linking Goldfuß systems to integrated other machines, we can deliver plants which depict the complete packaging process in its entirety. For this purpose, serial products that do already exist on the market are bought additionally, and they are integrated in the machine as general contractors. These can be tubular bag machines, cartoning machines, labelling machines or control scales.

In the course of this linking, we observe mechanical and electric interfaces, make the acceptance runs in cooperation and receive the complete CE.

Besides the concentration of competences which are required in the entire system, Goldfuß offers the advantage of a central contact for all purposes in all project phases.

Packing line for muesli bars

The packing plant here depicts the secondary packaging of muesli bars. Muesli bars which are primarily packed in tubular bags are accepted by tubular bag machines in three lines and inserted into horizontal cartoning machines automatically …

Packaging line for bonded anchors

The packaging plant here depicts primary and secondary packaging of bonded anchors, incl. the following palletizing. Cartridges which arrive in line from the assembly plant, are inserted into the compartment conveyor belt of a tubular bag machine. Depending on the format/ product, each compartment is completed with different additional components on the further way of the picker line, e.g. with mixers and instructions…

Packaging line for beakers with cheese spread

The packaging plant here depicts the secondary packaging of a beaker product, incl. an assortment with up to three sorts. Coming from a cooling tunnel, the main sort is transported inline to the packaging line. The sorts 2 and 3 are manually removed from boxes by means of an unloading device according to type …

Packaging line for organic bags

The packaging plant here depicts the primary and secondary packaging for organic bags, incl. the following palletizing.  Coreless winded rolls are directly taken from two winding plants and placed in top load boxes that have been erected before. Robot-assisted gripper technology ensures that the rolls do not unwind during removal …

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