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Packaging line for beakers with cheese spread
 Secondary packaging in assortment boxes

The packaging plant here depicts the secondary packaging of a beaker product, incl. an assortment with up to three sorts. Coming from a cooling tunnel, the main sort is transported inline to the packaging line.

The sorts 2 and 3 are manually removed from boxes by means of an unloading device mono-varietally and also transported to the packaging line over 2 further belts. The round beakers are transported, classically standing on their bottoms, and fed to the plant. As the carton packaging is a display tray, the beakers are swivelled during the loading process by 90°, with the cover film showing to the front side, with 1, 2 or 3 facings.

Additionally, the beakers are aligned to their typeface so that the film label can be read horizontally.

The loading cell is equipped with Delta-pickers and articulated robots. The acceptance of the beakers from the product belts is executed by gripping systems which ensure that the partly loose-fit cover is not separated from the beaker by means of an applicable form lock. Depending on the sorting, respective beaker groups are created and then placed in trays.

An upstream carton erector cares for erecting the display trays by applying hot glue. After loading and check for completeness, each tray is equipped with a cover blank in the downstream capping device, glued at one side, fixed by folding on three sides. The carton erector and the capping device have been integrated into the complete line and additionally provided by Goldfuß as general contractor.

    • in the fields of food, personal care
    • secondary packaging, assortments
    • packaging with different orientation
    • packaging in the high-performance sector
    • operations in connection with existing machines or as comprehensive packages
    • packaging in connection with beakers, bags, packages, tubular bags, etc. in top load or side load boxes
    • additional camera systems for quality control
    • increased performance with additional robotics
    • automatic gripper exchange
    • automated format change
    • component monitoring per RFID
  • (project-specific)

    •  up to 240 beakers/min

    (higher performance by technical adjustment possible)

    • beaker formats: round and hexagonal
    • printed image detection by camera technology
    • gripper for fixing covers
    • 90° swivel of beaker
    • orientation of beakers according to printed image
    • collecting gripper with grouping function
    • packaging in display tray
    • control of completeness via scale technology and outward transfer
    • erecting tray blank with hot glue
    • covering tray with cover blank, glued at 1 side, fixed by folding on 3 sides

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