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Logistics and storage

In many laboratory applications, logistics and tracking of samples and containers are closely connected to the process. Products are stored in magazines, refrigerators and incubators. For that purpose it is necessary to have a clear assignment by marking and labelling. Scanners and cameras allow the detection of containers and the exchange with LIMS systems, databases or cloud storage. The survey of process, measure and analysis data in course of the automation is the basis of a comprehensive metadata management.

    • Sample preparation
    • Cell cultivation
    • Analytics for product and water samples
    • Liquid and solid material handling
    • Filling line
    • logistics in laboratory fridges
    • logistics in incubators
    • automatic magazines for lab goods
    • mobile logistics robot
    • labelling technology with labeller
    • laser or ink jet printing
    • logistics for glass or plastic lab goods from 1ml to 3 litres
    • titer and microtater plates from 6 to 1536 Wells
    • automated air-conditioned rooms with integrated logistics robots
    • incubators from 0°C to 70°C, volumes up to 750 litres
    • customer-specific magazines and storage units in all sizes

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