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Packaging line for Muesli bars
Secondary packaging

The packing plant here depicts the secondary packaging of muesli bars. Muesli bars which are primarily packed in tubular bags are accepted by tubular bag machines and inserted into horizontal cartoning machines automatically in three lines.

The outer cartoning machines match to existing machines of older construction types, the intermediate cartoning machine was delivered by Goldfuß as a part of the new plant. It is able to run smaller formats in continuous operations and bigger formats in intermitting operations.

The covered formats reach from different bar width and length measures in boxes with 1-6 layers and 2-4 bars per layer. To use the space in the box optimally, the bars are accepted in overlapping position. Hereby, the cross seams – which are always broader at a tubular bag – are overlapped on the edge sides so that the bars nearly lay edge to edge in the box.

Depending on the plant design, up to 350 bars/min (with 3 Delta-pickers), respectively up to 500 bars/min. (with 4 Delta-picker) are accepted. This high performance is gained by using a high-speed suction gripper with Multipick that accepts 2, 3 or 4 bars in succession, and inserts them into the cartridge tape of the cartoning machine at the same time.

Vacuum is produced by centrally placed vacuum production in a noise-insulated cabinet, connected with the picker cells by means of hard piping.

Due to the undefined feeding of the products, high resolution camera systems assume the detection of coordinates for the position and orientation which are then transferred to the robot controls.

As the product and box flow move into the same direction, they are provided additionally at the last delta-picker balancer to ensure complete boxes, especially with regard to multi-layer packing patterns.

    • in the areas of food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, industry
    • primary and secondary packaging
    • packaging in the high-performance sector
    • operations in connection with existing machines or as a comprehensive package
    • packaging in connection with tubular bags, top load boxes, side load boxes, box cases, thermoformed trays, blisters, etc.
    • for single as well as multi-format operations
    • variations according to industry-specific requirements for the primary packaging sector
    • additional camera systems for quality controls
    • sorting incoming multi-varietal products into mono-varietal groups
    • creation of assorted packages
    • automated format change
    • component monitoring per RFID
  • (project-specific)

    • up to 350 products/min in line with 3 Delta-pickers
    • up to 500 products/min in line with 4 Delta-pickers

    (higher performance possible by additional Delta-pickers)

    • packaging into side load box
    • format change in the minute range
    • product and box flow into same direction
    • temporal product storage for compensation of asymmetric product flows

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