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De-palletizing cell type DP

Our depalletizing system type DP is employed when cardboard, boxes or other stable objects have to be taken from a pallet. 3D sensor technology allows automated picking of cardboard even from pallet patterns that a stapled imprecisely.

Depending on the required degree of automation, the system can be equipped with a single pallet space or with automated pallet exchange and stackers for empty pallets. Bottom/intermediate/cover layers can be stacked separately in the respective areas. 

If required, the system can be planned as a de-palletizing centre with several pallet spaces to feed different lines.

Scan pre-directions can ensure the correct assignment of de-palletized objects to the respective lines.

  • in all industries
  • as compact single cell for the completion of semi- automated stand-alone solutions
  • as a compact single cell for relief of staff in the field of manual unpacking processes
  • as enlargement of the degree of automation in the field of magazine/bunker feeding systems
  • central de-palletizing with operation of multiple pallet spaces and outgoing lines
  • re-palletizing in logistics centres or in the co-packaging field for production of assortment boxes
  • up to 6 de-palletizing cycles/min with 1 robot
  • repeatability: 0.1 mm
  • format change in the minute range
  • cell size depending on application and product/box size
  • industry-specific and individually matched gripper systems with vacuum, holding clamp or downside gripping
  • bottom/intermediate/cover layers
  • automatic pallet exchange
  • magazine for empty pallets
  • processing of several pallet types at the same time
  • feeding of several lines in parallel
  • automatic format change triggered by scanning the pallet label
  • automated gripper exchange
  • component monitoring per RFID
  • monitored line clearance

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