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Outsert feeding system ABP 500

The feeding system type ABP 500 is designed to feed objects, e.g. package inserts, leaflets, cards, blisters, etc. into a friction feeder magazine automatically. Thereby, the objects are pre-packed in a cardboard tray, and these are pre-packed in shipping cartons. Thereby, the shipping carton is opened fully automatic, incl. cutting the adhesive tape.

Depending on the required degree of automation, the cardboard boxes can either be provided on a buffer conveyor manually by the operator or automatically from the pallet by a robot. The detection of cardboard boxes on the pallets is executed by a simple 3D sensor system.

Remaining packaging material like intermediate layers or the empty shipping carton are forwarded to a disposal box in flat-lying condition or stacked onto a pallet.

The feeding system can be applied with nearly all friction feeders on the market.

Therefore, the high weights of shipping cartons and the partly stretched body posture during the magazine loading do not cause high physical stress any longer.

    • in all industries
    • processing of product information, package inserts, operation manuals, assembly instructions, plastic cards (bank cards, SIM cards, bonus cards, etc.), blisters
    • feeding of magazines
      • at dispensing equipment like friction feeders, dropping with rotary equipment, etc.
      • at gluers, printing and coding systems, writing and reading systems (e.g. RFID coding), etc.
      • at other machines in the packaging and print industry
    • operations at new and existing machines
    • for single- and multi- format operations
    • replacement of a typically manually executed process
    • equipment of the revolver cylinder with second format for reduction of format change at the HMI recipe selection solely
    • quick change systems for further formats
    • component monitoring per RFID or scan
    • monitored line clearance
    • up to 8 carton trays/min.
    • carton tray without special versions (glue flaps outside)
    • secondary packaging as shipping carton (American Case, Fefco 0201)
    • concerning layer lines, conducted to the magazine from all sides
    • disposal of empty carton trays, secondary packaging and further packaging material
    • format change in the minute range

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