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Pack cell VR-A

Our robot cell type VR-A is perfectly constructed for packing your products and supplements into folding carton boxes with automatic bottom.

Flat-lying carton boxes are taken from a magazine, erected and provided for loading.

The products and supplements are inserted into the box automated inline or via the magazines. Before the insertion, each component can be checked by means of a scanner.

If there are several products per box, it is possible to pre-group them automated, depending on the packing pattern. 

Additionally, encoding or labelling can be executed.

The box is locked with an attached flap with plug-in closure or separate cover/slipcase, optionally with tamper evident label.

Due to the application of a 6-axis robot that accepts all tasks, a very compact and space-saving design is created.

Single processes can be decoupled by using two or more robots to increase performance.

    • mainly in the pharmaceutical, personal care, industry sector
    • primary and secondary packaging
    • operation as stand-alone solution for the implementation of a complete packaging process
    • for small batches
    • up to 6 boxes/min with 1 robot
    • repeatability: 0.1 mm
    • format change in the minute range
    • cell size depending on application and product -/box size
    • erection of carton boxes
    • single or group packaging
    • industry-specific and individually matched gripper systems
    • automated format change
    • automated gripper exchange
    • component monitoring per RFID
    • camera systems
    • monitored line clearance
    • flap lock with hot glue

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