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Palletizing cell

The palletizing cell is provided for stacking cartons or stable products/containers according to a given layer formation.

The feeder belt can be placed in work height or in passage height of 2000mm, according to your requirements.

Due to the application of a 6-axis robot, the gripper can be swivelled, and nearly each orientation of the carton/product during the layer formation is enabled.

A palletizing software grants a quick and simple creation of new pallet patterns.

To grant an uninterrupted production or to add intermediate layers, several pallet spaces or automatic pallet exchange are possible.

    • in all industries
    • as a compact single cell for the completion of semi-automated stand-alone solutions
    • central palletizing with operation of several pallet spaces and outgoing lines
    • for re-palletizing in logistics centres or in the co-packaging field
    • palletizing software for creation of pallet patterns
    • up to 15 loading cycles/min with 1 robot
    • quantity of cardboard boxes per loading cycle depending on box size and packing pattern
    • repeatability: 0.1 mm
    • format change in the minute range
    • pre-grouping of cardboard boxes/products
    • cell size depending on application and product -/box size
    • industry-specific and individually matched gripper systems with vacuum, clamp gripping or downside gripping
    • bottom/intermediate/upper layers
    • automatic pallet exchange
    • automatic feeding of empty intermediate layer pallets
    • magazine for empty pallets
    • provision of several pallet types at the same time
    • palletizing of several rows in parallel
    • format change reduced to recipe change only
    • automated gripper exchange
    • component monitoring per RFID
    • monitored line clearance

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