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Feeding system type AFS 200 for loading folding carton box magazines

The feeding system type AFS 200 is designed for the automatic opening of a shipping carton, removing flat-lying folding boxes and inserting them into a cartoning machine magazine. The empty cardboard box will be disposed by means of a chute. The feeding of loaded shipping cartons closed with adhesive tape can selectively be executed manually by means of a conveyor belt or automatically by means of a de-palletizing cell. A clamping gripper controlled by a 6-axis robot takes each single line of folding carton boxes whereby the clamping move is torque-controlled. By application of individually adjustable connection elements, the system can be applied at nearly all cartoning machines existing on the market. Due to its compact construction with cell placement on top of the cartoning machine, the space requirement is kept to a minimum.

    • increased performance up to 350 folding carton boxes/min. by use of a shifter (AFS 500)
    • quick change system for format change
    • feeding of leaflets in parallel operations
    • two-lane shipping carton feed for folding carton boxes and leaflets
    • processing of different shipping carton types
    • opening of different lock technologies
    • application of automatic shipping carton feeding by external or integrated de-palletizing cell
    • feeding of folding carton box magazines to horizontal and vertical cartoning machines
    • feeding of magazines of other machines in packaging and print industry
    • compact construction on top of the cartoning machine with minimum space requirement
    • self-explanatory operation
    • optimal insight into process flow
    • variations according to industry-specific requirements for food, non-food, pharmaceutics and medicine
    • quick format change by application of exchange parts and settings with position display
    • up to 200 folding carton boxes/min., optional up to 350 folding carton boxes/min.
    • repeatability: 0.1 mm
    • load capacity incl. gripper: up to 20 kg
    • opening of adhesive tape at the shipping carton
    • removal of folding carton boxes, packed in multiple rows and layers
    • depositing of folding carton box rows directly into the magazine
    • removal and disposal of intermediate carton layers
    • disposal of empty shipping cartons

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