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Vial feeding system – chaotic

This vial-feeding system is made to unpack vials/bottles from Plastic twin-wall sheets and feed them into turntables/bi-flow belts.

The gripper is the core of the system; it handles the Plastic twin-wall sheets and accepts the vial groups in a bulk, respectively places them in the incoming area of the turntable/bi-flow belt.

Depending on the required degree of automation, the Plastic twin-wall sheets can either be manually placed onto a buffer conveyor by an operator or automatically be taken from the pallets by the robot. The recognition of the boxes on the pallets is executed by a 3D camera.

The Plastic twin-wall sheets bottoms and covers are transferred into a box provided for this purpose.

    • pharmaceutical industry
    • unpacking of vials from Akylux boxes without separators
    • feeding of vials at the inlet of inspection machines/packing systems
    • operations at new and existing machines
    • up to 400 vials/min
    • formats 2R, 6R, 10R, 30ml, 50ml vials
    • quick change system for gripper with centred feedthrough of media
    • de-palletizing with 3D camera
    • RFID-coded gripper systems
    • operations without mech. safety housing (coexistent operations)
    • monitored line clearance
    • AGV connection

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