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Vial- feeding system – ordered

This Vial- feeding system is made to insert vials/bottles into the transfer trolley, transfer the vials/bottles to another place and remove them from there in an automated way.

One of the classical fields of application is the connection between outlet filling machine and inlet inspection machine/packaging machine that are placed in two different rooms/cleanrooms.

The trolley is made of stainless steel V2A and POM so that cleaning and disinfection with applicable chemicals do not cause any problems.

The trays of the trolley comprise POM- magazines which can be changed to the vial format. In the basic version, the trolley can accept 2R, 6R and 10R vials. As an option, bigger vial/bottle formats are possible.

The robot station opens and closes the trays, respectively loads/unloads the vial lines.

The system can – as a dual unit – be used as FiFo memory to be able to execute AQL checks without interruption of production and subsequently enable repeated inspection cycles in the AVI on requirement.

    • pharmaceutical industry
    • buffering vials in transfer trolleys
    • feeding vials into inspection machines
    • feeding vials into packaging machines
    • continuous storage for sample control (AQL)
    • operations at new as well as on existing machines
    • up to 400 vials/min
    • formats 2R, 6R, 10R, 30ml vials
    • integrated belt systems with grouping
    • article surveillance by scan/RFID
    • monitored line clearance
    • camera monitoring
    • operations without mech. safety housing (coexistent operations)
    • integrated belt buffer systems with careful vial handling

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