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Picker line

Our robot cell type HSR is perfectly constructed for packing and sorting your unpacked and primary packed products.

By means of one or more camera systems, goods that arrive chaotically are detected and taken to the following handling zones by a belt conveyor. Due to its construction, the belt conveyor provides the highest degree of exactness through the complete cell.

It is possible to feed your products into a continuously as well as in an intermittingly running system. As an example, cartoning machines, tubular bag machines or thermoforming machines can be integrated here. Boxes are taken to an exact point by a carrier belt.

No matter if the transport direction runs into the same or opposite direction or orthogonally, the concept can be adjusted to the product flow.

Each handling zone is subject to a robot that takes the allocated products per gripping or suction technology and inserts them according to a pre-defined packing pattern.

    • In the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, industry
    • Primary and secondary packaging
    • Operation as stand-alone system to feed products directly into the packaging unit, e.g. boxes, box cases, blisters, etc.
    • Operation as line component for equipping
      • the carrier belt of a tubular bag machine
      • the cartridge tape of a cartoning machine
      • the trays of a thermoforming machine
      • the in-feed conveyor of other packaging machines
    • Applications in the field of sorting and line distribution
    • up to 120 picks/min. per robot
    • repeatability: 0.1 mm
    • load capacity: up to 3 kg per robot
    • operational range: horizontally up to 1,000 mm/vertically up to 500 mm
    • single or multiple picks possible
    • high position accuracy at belt speeds of up to 60 m/min.
    • industry specific and individually adjusted gripper systems
    • matched camera systems and lighting
    • automated gripper exchange
    • designs according to industry-specifications for the primary packaging area
    • additional camera systems for quality controls
    • additional belts for product/box transport
    • additional shelf as product store
    • assorting incoming multi-varietal products to mono-varietal groups
    • formation of assorted packages

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